Choose your own adventure!

Ray Delaney & the [adjective] [noun]

In which you—[untitled] readers—control the fortunes of P.I. Ray Delaney as he investigates the case of the mysterious [adjective] [noun]!

Vote at the end of each chapter to decide Delaney’s fate, and check back each Wednesday for a new chapter!

Chapter I: Seersucker’s Ruckus

Delaney arched an eyebrow. Taking the seat opposite him, the small and decidedly square man was glancing appreciatively at the view behind Delaney’s desk—a characteristically bleak matte painting of the city skyline—as he crumpled into the hard-backed chair.

He was wealthy, or at least prided himself on appearing so. Seersucker, khaki, and a powder-blue tie that clashed with the stripes on his suit. Don’t mention the tie, Delaney said to himself.

“Nice tie,” Delaney said. “You’re late.”

The man laughed a little and laid one leg across the other. His shoes were brown suede. Probably a dozen Italians had crafted the toecaps alone.

“My fashion sense is the least of your worries, Mr. Delaney.”

The man then proceeded to explain his late arrival. Delaney sat motionless in front of the dark Boston cityscape, listening, hoping that the bulge beneath the man’s suit was a wallet waiting to disgorge its contents onto his desk, and not a pistol.


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